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Zhongshan SANI transmission technology co., ltd. was founded in 2013.  The company is located in dongsheng town, zhongshan city, guangdong province,. The company has precision injection  NISSEI machine, determined to precision injection parts and gear parts and gear box production and sales

The main products cover:   1. full series of precision planetary gearbox reducer motor, diameter 6mm-50mm, power: 0.01-40W, output speed 5-2000rpm, reduction ratio 5-1500, output torque to;   2. universal drive, regulator gear box drive mechanism system;   3. customized precision gear, worm gear, worm drive mechanism system;   4. precision, micro plastic and special metal powder injection parts and integrated assembly components.   Product industry applications: smart home, consumer electronics, automotive electrification parts, white goods, doors and Windows, virtual reality, precision instruments, communication equipment, robotics, security monitoring, office equipment, medical health and other products of the micro transmission mechanism. Sani has an experienced transmission technology research and development engineering team, committed to the micro transmission mechanism research and development design and product optimization.
Corporate Culture
Enterprise vision: We are determined to become a supplier of precision injection molding parts and transmission parts in smart home industry, automobile industry, gear transmission industry and medical industry, providing precision products to meet customer requirements.  Continuous innovation, innovation technology, to make due contribution to the progress of social civilization.   Enterprise mission: To solve customers' problems, reduce customers' purchasing costs and promote products to market quickly.   Core values: Technology innovation, customer first, integrity, pragmatism, team cooperation.
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