The R&D team focuses on the design, development and production of miniature precision transmission gears and gearboxes to provide customers with product motion application solutions
The R&D team covers the design and development of gears and gearboxes, precision mold design and processing, injection molding and production automation, electrical testing and drive system testing, and other fields.  More than R & D engineers to provide you with professional technical support  
Manufacturing Center
Gather many resources advantage, with firm belief, strong economic foundation, constantly introduce and update production automation equipment, in order to improve product quality, to meet customer needs unremitting efforts!  In the production process for many years, the company has trained a group of professional production, quality control and technical personnel, always strive to provide customers with good products.
Gear testing center
The central gear tester mainly measures the tooth shape, tooth direction error (adjacent, single, cumulative) and radial runout of spur gear, helical gear, worm and inner gear. It can generate the test report of ISO, DIN, JIS and other gear standards.
Precision injection molding production line
Gear meshing tester
The gear meshing tester mainly uses the meshing test between the "standard gear" and the "product gear" to measure the change of the distance between the two gears as the measurement accuracy error, which is used to test the accuracy error of the single tooth and the whole tooth. It is suitable for the grade judgment of the quality standards such as JIS/ISO/AGMA/DIN/JGMA.
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Brush gear motor
Brushless gear motor
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