Online Memorial

A new innovation links cemetery memorials to a web site that can be shared by loved ones around the world! QR (quick response) codes act as a link from your smart phone or tablet to an online memorial for you or your loved ones. This is a great way to personalize your custom headstone and leave a legacy.

Scan this barcode or click here to view a video and learn more about Interactive Headstones. Keep your family's history alive with our "istone"

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Headstone Cleaning

Headstone Cleaning

PCS Laser and Memorial is now offering headstone cleaning services within a 100 mile radius. We will travel to the cemetery, clean the headstone of moss, dirt and hard water build up and bring back
the shine it once had.

Once we clean the stone and bring back that luster, consider joining our annual cleaning maintenance program. You will be billed annually, 30 days prior to the stone cleaning. Our highly qualified technicians will clean and inspect your stone approximately 30-60 days before Memorial Day. You will be provided with a before and after photograph along with a report of any noticeable damage or concerns that may need to be addressed. This service provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your loved one’s memorial is being cared for.

Does your headstone look like this?





Let us turn it into this!